About us

Walk down your local high street and you will find loan providers here and there. Certainly, there are more than ever before. And that’s not counting the loan companies that just operate online.

These providers open up a world of loan possibilities for people with bad credit. A few years ago trying to get aloan for this group would be impossible. Try as they might, applying for a loan at a regular financial institution means rejection – time and time again. But with bad credit loans, this group now has an outlet. And there are many loan types available including payday loans, logbook loans and tenant guarantor loans to name a few.

Although you may have many providers giving you lots of loan options, we urge caution. Certainly, not all of these providers are worried about their client and their unique circumstances. They just want to be able to make money, sometimes at your expense.

At Expert Loans, we have our customers at heart. In all honesty, what good are we without them? If we treat you right, the chances are that you will refer us to friends and family and even use us again when you need another loan product.

We pride ourselves on our ethical lending principles, even though we are a small, family run concern. That’s just the way it should be. As such, we belong to the Consumer Credit Trade Association so any unhappy clients immediately have an outlet if they have some problems with our products or services. Not many other loan providers are part of this organisation which demands strict lending practices from their members.

So should you need any advice about loan products, please come and chat to our well-trainedstaff. They are all experts in their respective fields and have extensive knowledge on a range of loan options. Without a doubt however, we specialise in logbook loans. We have just found this bad credit loan to be the best in terms of flexibility. It also offers a wide range of totals for which you can apply.

We understand that most people only look for a loan in times of emergency. Not only will we ensure we will get you approved as quickly as possible but have the money in your account in around 24 hours. Nothing could be quicker or simpler actually.

If you have any questions, queries or need to know how much you would qualify for when it comes to a loan of any kind, make sure you pop into our offices or simply phone us and we can guide you on the path to a loan that will suit your needs and put much-needed money in your back pocket.